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About BioVeda

BioVeda means “Knowledge and Wisdom of the Body”.  We are rooted in holistic healthcare and incorporate nearly all components of complementary and alternative medicine.  Our in-house scientists, engineers and physicians have over 100 years of collective and collaborative experience that is reflected in our products and technology.

All of our technology, products and services must be safe and holistic in nature meaning they have no overt side effects such as those associated with traditional pharmaceuticals and in nearly all cases are non-invasive and without contraindications. 

Our core philosophy and focus is the delivery of highly effective natural and gentle remedies.  We accomplish this goal by combining the best aspects of eastern medical philosophy and modern technology to bridge the expanse of both functional medicine and energy medicine to create a PERFORMANCE BASED APPROACH TO WELLNESS.  It’s the integrated approach that combines the use of low level light therapy, substance specific information induction, principles of acupuncture, homeopathy and nutrition that makes BioVeda both a leader and pioneer.

Very simply, Our integrated therapeutic approach is used to reduce both psycho-emotional and physiological stress caused by substance specific sensitivities, functional imbalances and nutritional deficiencies to bring the body back into balance.

BioVeda Technologies is the creator of the BAX 3000, BAX AURA and AURA PTL Clinical Systems as well as an integrated line of homeopathy, enzymes, herbals and vitamins.

At BioVeda, we believe in helping as many people as possible realize improved health and wellness.  We are guided by a patient before profit approach and look for doctors who share our principles and ideology.

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